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Hi! I'm Merry Lynch

Nestled in the heart of Poland, I welcome you to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As an expat living amidst the rich tapestry of Polish culture, I've found a home that resonates with my passion for empowerment.

From the enchanting streets of Poland, I share insights garnered over two decades as a Human Behavior Expert and Empowerment Speaker.

My upbringing, filled with love and family values, laid the groundwork for a resilient spirit that has weathered life's challenges.

Life's twists and turns led me on a career journey spanning the USA an Europe, igniting a love affair with movement, travel, and the diverse cultures that shape our world. My career, robust and fulfilling, allowed me to absorb the abundance of life through a unique liens.

Encouraged by emntors and fueled by a desire for growth, I immersed myself in the study of human behavior, emotional intelligence, protocol, and women's studies. Little did I know, these pursuits were preparing me for a transformative leap into entrepreneurship.

Three weeks before my fortieth birthday, I took the plunge, leaving the corporate world to carve my path. This journey brought me to serve dignitaries, political officers, authors, actors, and other remarkable individuals, all against the backdrop of the historic city of Portland, Maine.

In the midst of my entrepreneurial blossoming, I found love and married my soulmate, a testament to the deep inner work and self-discovery I had embraced. Letting go of old narratives, releasing negative self-talk, and understanding that the universe has my back became the guiding principles of my empowerment philosophy.

As a proud expat in Poland, I invite you to join me in unveiling your uniqueness, embracing your strengths, and crafting a life plan that aligns with your deepest dreams. The enchantment of Europe serves as a backdrop to our journey of empowerment - a journey where every woman's voice matters and where the power of self-discovery knows no bounds.

What I Know For Sure

With certifications and degrees in behavioral sciences, emotional intelligence, life coaching and women’s studies, I travel the world to help the modern midlife woman run confidently toward her dreams. I teach serious stuff with a down to earth, unique twist that ensures everyone gets the message they need. We’ll design tangible steps that develop your personal empowerment so you feel vibrant and balanced (regardless of age), leading with intuition creating a life based on your desires. 

How I can help...

  • Maybe you find yourself stuck or frustrated not knowing where or how to begin…great, you gotta start somewhere…why not here?
  • If you want more out of your life and have more to give, yet don’t how to define itsuper I’ve been there.
  • If you are wondering how to go from career to creating your second act or moving to retirement and are full of fear, doubt, anxiety or confusionyou’re in the right place!
  • If other people say you can’tlet’s prove them wrong.
  • Do you want to downsize to rightsize your lifeit’s a great feeling, let me show you how!

Why I Do What I Do

I understand what happens when life kicks you down. When you feel like you can’t catch a breath. When you believe your life does not matter. But I also know, that those thoughts are all shit stories that I/you made up. God, Allah, Angels, whom ever you believe in, did not in any way place me or you on this planet to live a suck ass life.

It took over 1 million sperm to make me…and you…for that matter. That in itself is pretty special. So if you have read this far, then the one thing I know for sure, is that….you’ve had some shit happen in your life. You’ve been kicked down; maybe more than once. The air sucked out of you. But…I also know…that you are a freaking miracle. You made it here. You survived. You see and feel that there is something more to life and something more to you. Congratulations! That in and of itself needs to be celebrated.

Now, go peruse this website (it is a work in progress, so come back often). It’s always changing. Stuff is always being added and updated. It’s a plethora of mindset work, topics, programs and coaching opportunities that will help you understand and navigate life, a community of global women that rock my soul and that will yours as well if you allow them. So, get curious. See what is available for you. This is all for you. Take what you need, when you need it. I’ll see you on the inside.

Chat with Me

Staying where you are doesn't do anybody any good. Not you, your family, community or the world. Do something different, scare the crap out of yourself, be brave. Talk to me!

Fun Facts About Me

Most Life Changing Experience

Becoming certified as a birth doula, volunteering at domestic violence women's shelters, helping women transition from fear to love during one the biggest transformations a woman will go through.

Hairy Scary Goal

I opened my first brick and mortar business 3 weeks before my 40th birthday. Was rejected 7 times for bank financing. Number 8 finally agreed. Never give up, always improve your pitch. Sold it 8 years later and made a great profit.

My Greatest Gift

Lyme Disease! Ok, so it’s not really a “fun fact” but an empowering one for sure. From being wheelchair ridden, to finding my voice, to helping women just like you draw a line in the sand and stop sitting on the sidelines of life.

Third Time is a Charm

The title of my upcoming book, "Third Time is a Charm, Life Lessons from Husband...One, Two and Three. Sounds juicy, doesn't it? From small town girl of 19 to US Embassy program facilitator living an expat life. Oh my!

Inspiration for the Modern Women

If you love to travel and seek adventure, maybe you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur (age is just a number), are seeking passion and purpose, who knows there is more to life and more to you…then boy, do have I a lot in store for you! We'll Brave Midlife together, re-inventing life every step of the way.