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Whether it's learning to be happy right where you are or achieving something you have always dreamt about. The universe is ready to conspire with you. Step inside!

Say YES to you!

3 great ways to work with me...have a look!

"There is no limit to what, we as women, can accomplish."

-Michelle Obama

Work with me solo to fast track change

When you do the work on your mind the world is limitless. This is where it all begins. 1:1 coaching changes how you think and view your world. Together we focus on creating a mind shift with a focus on your specific goals ultimately building the life you deserve.

Coaching with reshape how you view and transact with yourself and others. There is more depth to why you are seeking a shift. 1:1 coaching will fast track you to identify the motivating reasons behind the desire for movement while setting specific intentions to call forth incredible transformation.

Our work together will speak to the whole person that you are; the emotional, soulful, and mindful wellbeing of your needs that are driving this desire for change. We'll get to the root of your craving and call forth the outcomes, transformations and life changes that are propelling you to take this journey back to YOU.

You and me...together...making dreams comes true. It's magical and not for the faint of heart. If you have a dream, I'm your girl. Let's make some shit happen.

Braving Midlife Private Coaching

If you're feeling that you just simply are not the best version of yourself, then stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game. You and I will meet via Zoom twice monthly, with plenty of work to do in between (I'm checking on me). Each meeting lasts 60 minutes with planned content to fast track your success. You will have unlimited access to me during our time together that begins with a four month commitment.

Your investment if paid in full $1200 or 4 monthly payments of $345.

Click the "I am ready" button to fill out a Let's Get Acquainted questionnaire before our FREE call.

Work with me in a group setting

Become the CEO of your life, whether starting a business or starting over the Passion Project Group Mentorship will help guide you to release the binds that have kept you stuck, frustrated and confused.

The Passion Project Group Mentorship is for you, if you:

  • wish to become or already are a Midlife Entrepreneur and use your skills, passion and experience to serve others.
  • are contemplating a move to another country or down the street to see what a change of scenery has to offer you.
  • desire to develop your midlife and beyond life plan for living the best version of yourself now.

Get inspired by other midlife & beyond women on a journey. You never need to go through this life transition alone. Simply start where you are and you'll feel safe and heard in the company of other women.

Benefit from hearing others get coached as they will glean from you. Begin your transformation. Make your dreams a reality. Find the support you've been missing.

Passion Project Group Mentorship

We'll meet once a month live on-line where you will discover that by creating your own joy and happiness you never need to rely on other people to make you whole. You already are WHOLE. (Don't worry you never have to miss a session, all calls are recorded.) Also, you'll get the backstage pass to all of the Midlife Discussions and interact with the experts to get answers to all of your questions plus discounts and BONUSES to their exclusive content.

Together you'll unearth and put words to your dreams, building bridges of focus, clarity and growth to get you there. Inspired change will run through your veins as you leave behind the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and unfulfilled. Take real steps toward the life you want, TODAY. Your vision, your life. The Passion Project Group Mentorship is here to support your dreams and turn them into reality.

The Passion Project Group Mentorship runs all year long so you can grab what you need, when you need it most.

The re-occurring monthly investment in the Passion Project Group Mentorship is $69. Cancel anytime you no longer feel this is a benefit.

Don't take my word for it...TESTIMONIALS

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A great initiative for women. The sessions helped me to look into myself and believe in myself along with meeting any different and strong women - I am ready for new challenges.

— Iwona Swiderek / Poland

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The sessions are very inspiring and helpful! I learned a lot from you. Also, you dialogued with me about a few personal things during the meetings and it was very meaningful to me.

— Adrienne Hart / USA

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You always inspire me. After I heard a your story, you inspired me to be a better and more grateful person and to look at life as an adventure to be lived rather than just something you get through.

— Janne Bradley / Austraiia

Work with Me for FREE - Pay It Forward Sisterhood

I have found that no matter where women live, the color of their skin or their religious or spiritual beliefs we each have experienced some kind of inequality, injustice or assault. By YOU Paying It Forward, you are giving a hand up to one more woman. YOU are helping her to find her voice, live the life she has dreamed of, carve a new path, stand up for herself possibly for the very first time. YOU are special. Each of us has fallen and together we will rise.

Pay It Forward Sisterhood allows me to reach out to high schools and financially challenged women allowing them to receive the same programs that you attend. For your generosity in helping me to provide these programs to underserved communities I in turn pay you back in the form of exclusive on-line interviews with women from around the globe that are making a difference. You also receive a free 60 minute clarity call to help you work through stumbling blocks, ideas, or fears to build movement toward your dream.

Work With Me For Free - Here's How

My gift to you for being a sponsor of another woman (for $99 or more) and helping her to rise up to the best version of herself is one on one time with me in a private zoom call. This time together can be focused on whatever you feel would be the best use of our time together. Whether it is uncovering a dormant dream, moving through past fears, strategizing on how to create action steps and build momentum, or whatever that mindset issue is that keeps you stuck. It is your time. I can't think of a better deal than this, you support another woman in her growth and I give you an hour of my time, all for $99. My regular single brainstorming session is $250 per hour, so if you have a burning desire to create something beautiful or leave behind something that no longer serves you then this is a great opportunity for you to jump start your dream life and give another woman that gift as well. This is my thank you to you!